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Bohusleden information

The Bohusleden is a long-distance moving way in the west of Sweden.
It begins south of Gothenburg in close proximity to Lindome, with which also the connection at the Hallandsleden is.
The way goes then over approx. 360km past at Göteborg, Uddevalla, Munkedal and ends finally in Strömstad.

Conclusion: A very varied track with many beautiful corners. Normally far from large housing estates with solitary nature enjoyment. Good and free accommodation in the numerous wind shelters, sometimes even huts with a stove (Northern part). Not only flat land, partly hills (Fjäll) with ups and downs below the tree line.


There is a brochure about the Bohusleden, in which one can pursue the exact distance process. It’s available in Swedish, in addition, in German expenditure (I don't know if there's an english version, too).

If somebody is interested in an updated brochure about the Bohusleden, just contact me by E-mail:

(only available in German language)

The way is devided into stages of different lengths. You can easily get into the way at several waypoints. These have always a connection to a road. The length of the stages partly depends on the way condition and varies between 7km and 20km. So there are sections with less kilometres but the way goes always up and down. On the other hand there are parts with 20km on good ways and no gradients.
The waypoints are however not necessarily always equipped with a shelter. There can be two or more shelters (vindkydds) between the waypoints.

Way conditions:
The way uses all available possibilities. It partly goes along on asphalted roads, on dirt roads, moving ways, bars or trampling paths. You should have waterproof shoes because sometimes you must step into the water.
In some sections there’s kneel-high grass or also heath herb on the way. If you have gaiters, you will be a lucky man after a rain shower.
The bars in the humid areas are predominantly intact in addition, a slippery affair.
Sometimes there are a few broken stairs, but nothing really difficult to master.
Bridges are partly broken and replaced by an alternative solution.
Upward gradients are different and should be nor problem if you have normal hiking conditions.
In some parts, they had cut down all trees around the trail so you couldn't find the marks anymore! This problem was in the east of Vassbotten in 2007. If you want to find your way, you need a compass or you have to take an alternative route.
In the north an east of Svarteborg the trail uses the roads for some kilometers - very boring.
Between Högstad and Strömstad the way was very confusing and sometimes not longer existent anymore (2007).

It’s possible to walk the whole way without a tent or a tarp because of the shelters on the way. But it’s possible that they are used by other people. So you should have an alternative to sleep.
If you have a tarp, it’s also practical in the shelters if it’s raining. The shelters are not 100% waterproof. So you can use it as a second roof.
You should not rely on the shelters which are shown in the brochure! Some are 50 meters away from the original place, and some are no longer existent.
The size varies from 2 till 10 persons.
The conditions can be wet and ramshackle or new and very good.
At the shelters there’s always a place for a fire, sometimes a simple toilet and with a little luck a garbage can.
Some shelters could be reached with a car and are used from Swedish people to have a little barbecue – so don’t be surprised.
There are some huts in the north of the trail with a little more comfort like an oven or even beds.

Main source are the lakes on the way. The quality reaches from clear and very good to dark and “earthy”. If you ask the Swedish people, they would tell you that you can drink it without filtering. Do it on your own risk. I prefer a water filter.
At some shelters you can find a water hole.

In my opinion you only need the brochure for this way. The map in there is not up to date and there are some changes, but that’s not a big problem.
The way is good marked with orange signposts on trees, stones and also on guard rails.
In some parts, they’ve cut down a lot of trees – with the signpost on it – but if you follow the path you can find them again in the most cases. I've lost my way one time.

Directly on the way – very rare. You’re normally a one-day-trip away from the next shop. You can buy food in the following cities on the way; Goeteborg, Kungaelv, Uddevalla, Dingle (6km away from the trail), Vassbotten (in the village or at the camping), Munkedal, Stroemstad.
In Krokstrand should be a good pub (some people told me, but not testet yet).

Public means of transport:
Well developed. You can get to all important cities/villages by bus or rail. On some bus stops you have to call the bus companie for a bus. You need a timetable? Just look here: Resplus or here Västtrafik

For further information and the paper-brochure please take a look at this website: Bewaehrungsprobe